Professional Answering Service and other Virtual Office Services

A virtual office is the “office you have when you don’t have an office”. It gives you the professional image you need to impress your clients while you do most of your work from home or elsewhere.

Virtual Offices at Hobsons Bay Business Centre provide you with:

  • Professional answering service from a receptionist who will answer your calls and take messages for you

  • Personalised business phone number

  • Fully outfitted conference and meeting room facilities when you need it - just call to book

  • Private mail box

  • Professional business address

  • The perception that you “mean business” in the eyes of your clients

Virtual Offices at Hobsons Bay Business Centre are perfect for you if:

  • You are in the process of setting up your business

  • You work from home

  • You want to minimise your overhead costs

  • You spend a lot of time on the road

  • You want your calls answered professionally

  • You want a 'more business-like' phone number and address

  • You want your business to sound and appear more professional

  • You want a 'more business-like' address in Altona